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RODEO MAN # 1 Texas Red Dirt Chart
TOO BAD # 1 Texas Red Dirt Chart

"I consider myself lucky to have The Spacek Company promoting my music.  Thanks Ed, for my two Texas/Red Dirt Number One records RODEO MAN and TOO BAD!"
- Kylie Frey


Chart Topping Hits

Jesse's Latest Hit Gets to #1!

"Thanks to The Spacek Company for making SHE'LL PUT THE HURT ON YOU my first Texas/Red Dirt Chart #1!"

- Jesse Raub Jr.

Another # 1  James Lann - LET IT RAIN

"Ed, we've had 5 Texas/Red Dirt Number One's together. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. I look forward to getting my next Number One with The Spacek Company"

- James Lann

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